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Once the unit is connected and drivers are installed, using it is a breeze from within the Accu-Chek Compass software. Follow my blog and YouTube channel and watch as I investigate and report on all aspects of selecting, brewing and tasting coffee.

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Dietary habits such as meal times can be adjusted as well. Posts can be seen by the public.

That's where glucose management software comes in. What's more, you can automatically download all your readings to Accu-Chek Compass instead of entering them manually. You can map basal rates and boluses against bG readings on the graphs. You may find it all works fine if you can run the program that way. It's not without it's short-comings though, and in my opinion should only be considered for the novice diabetic.


That's what it's all about as far as I'm concerned. Diabetic glucose meters come from a variety of manufacturers and have a confusing array of features. This blog helps you sort through the plethora of blood sugar testing meters and gives you a feeling for which meter may be right for you and your budget. Only works for the software itself wont work with the device drivers for getting the hardware working however.

Accu-Chek Compass - Download

You can save the graphs as. Hi, I've got the new thing they told you about - it's called SmartPix.

Accu-Chek Compass - Roche Diagnostics GmbH Software Informer

When you get back home, you simply connect to the desktop and download your results. Overall, because I like pictures I do like it. It effectively organizes the essential information the diabetic and health care professionals need in order to better understand the patient's blood sugar situation and adjust therapies as needed.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Diabetes Forum should not be used in an emergency and does not replace your healthcare professional relationship. The graphs show the last two weeks of data at a time and can be overlaid week by week, day by day etc. The other parts include an Accu-Chek meter, a cable and your desktop or laptop computer.

This is vital if you expect to make any progress with your diabetes treatment and get better. Of particular use are the printed reports. Why am I gonna pay for accu-chek software when can get it free on other meter. Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Of course, I could go on and criticize other aspects of the Accu-Check Compass software but the fact is that this software does work very well for what it was intended to do.


Accu-Chek Compass - Roche Diagnostics GmbH Software Informer

Good diabetes software will produce graphs and charts that will really enable you to get a better handle on the state of your health and should help you and your physician work out better treatment. No, create an account now. This accessory cable, makes the job possible.

Guest, we'd love to know what you think about the forum! It will help them to better see what is what is happening with your diabetes and adjust your medications as required. The graphs are useful however, but they do need to be looked at carefully. It's just a way to easily download readings and produce essential reports.

In a way, this is good because Compass will be easier to use for beginners who need a simple way to get into managing their blood sugar. But its a hardware device and not just software.

Quick and no need for any typing. Of course, to do this you need Accu-Chek's infrared or serial cable for your particular meter.

The one-page summary report includes the trend graph, the average day graph and target range pie chart. Might possibly fix your compatability issues.

Accu-Chek Compass - Download
Accu-Chek Compass

And if you have the infrared option on your meter, john cena vs brock lesnar video you can simply set it up and point your meter at the Accu-Chek infrared cable interface and download it wirelessly. Users with serial cables should be able to use the infrared cable with the Accu-Check compass software right out of the box. People who own Accu-Chek meters will like the fact that it handles multiple meters. Accu-Chek Compass glucose management software is a pretty good program for Accu-Chek users to get into the habit of tracking and managing their own blood sugar.


She did mention that they are likely to offer the Smart Pix as a free upgrade later this year any way but if you're looking to get it sooner you could try a call. This should be printed and shared with your diabetes professionals. All the readings are merged and seamless this way making it vary convenient.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. If you don't have an icon n the desktop browse to program files locate the directory that contains the prog, select the exe file, right click etc, etc. For example, when you're away from home and one go, all you need to do is take your readings which are then stored in your meter.

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