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Bill Heffner Wow, you are the best! In just an hour or so I had interfaced it with my website and had it producing very attractive graphs with dynamic data from my database. So I need to convert them to other formats.

Joel Fernandes I love this product. Full screen mode, scalable charts, printable charts, and bitmap export. Users can stop the conversion anytime and they will get the time-length converted file as output. You have an incredible product here. Jim Pringle We just wanted to thank you for your very well coded product.


Considerate and convenient It allows users to convert a certain time-length segment out of the imported file. Now, with your product, I've finish it with time to spare. You can share your game experience by uploading the converted video. The graphs look great, customers are happy, and i didnt have to spend months writing it.

Click to Get Advanced Editions. Excellent testimony both to your product and to your documentation. He loves it and his clients rave at how great the charts look. Last week I was sweating out the prospect of not completing my current project on time.

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It makes it very simple to make a beautiful graph. Every time I think it's missing a feature, the compound sa bodeen and we're going to have to code up our own custom solution I look at your documentation again and see that you've included it.

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My compliments for the usability, this is how components should be build. Eamon Murray This is amazing software. After evaluating quite a few graphing apps, I've found yours to be one of the best ones available.

Peter Shi I purchased your product a couple days ago and first had time to sit down and work with it this morning. Oliver Phillips You guys make an amazing product. Russell Smith Your product is great - easy to use and manipulate! Crop videos by cutting off the unwanted part of the video, such as the black frame. And the process about how you play it will be recorded and converted at the same time.

Just want to thank you for this wonderful upgrade. Sean Boston I wouldn't normally bother feeding back but this is superb - really superb. Your web site tools are amazing. Edit video before converting Crop videos by cutting off the unwanted part of the video, such as the black frame.

James Fullerton Just want to thank you for this wonderful upgrade. Testimonies from developers and users why Moyea is one of the best solutions.

This is, without a doubt, one of the finest pieces of web programming I've ever used. Many animation videos I've download are. You guys make an amazing product. Very smooth, too damn awesome! The software is trying to provide as many output formats as possible for users to satisfy the compatibility of their portable devices.

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Jay Williams Very good job! Quick generation of charts and graphs from static or dynamic data any scripting language Full updates and data streaming without reloading the web page. The best and easiest yet so far.

This is a lot easier to use than JpGraph, plus it is more attractive and I like the interactive features. Richard William You are freaking amazing. Everything that I did worked the first time that I tried it, and it did precisely what I expected it to do.

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Click the links below for more solution details. Devan Sabaratnam You have an incredible product here. Every feature I've needed has been there with bells on!

It manages to make the creation of web-based charts and graphs a piece of cake. This forced me to look for alternatives and I am very glad I tracked down your software.