Chelsea said yes to the engagement

Are billy and chelsea still dating

Chelsea became jealous but Billy insisted he is committed to her and that she has feelings for Adam. Anita ends up becoming a problem for Chelsea, who doesn't want anything to do with her mother because of her con-artist ways. Billy assured her he is happy with her.

Adam asked if her husband's coming and she stated it's not her husband it's her-well it's comlicated. Adam drives away not seeing her.

They fly to Australia to seek out Ben's ex-wife to dig for information. Chelsea spoke up and admit he looks familiar.

As it turns out, Billy entered behind them, and suggest Connor was referring to him. Sage told Gabriel to tell Chelsea who he really is. We became so so close during this whole thing. Just as sage was saying goodbye, Adam asked to sit down and have a drink. After the fire, the car falls into the icy freezing river and the remains are swept away by the current.

Adam and Sage go to their table to greet them. On Billy's birthday, Billy has sex with Chelsea and begins a serious relationship with her. At Billy and Chelsea's engagement party, Chelsea kept putting off the wedding date. Their relationship is strained ever further.

But on New Year's Eve, Adam prepared a romantic dinner and promised to Chelsea that they will leave the town as Chelsea wanted. Adam asked if she wanted something more from Gabriel and Sage stated they didn't have sex, and they weren't intimate. Adam's car conveniently ran out of gas and he and Chelsea were stuck in the middle of the woods together.

Back in the apartment, Adam questioned this about Sage. As they drive, Billy threatens to make sure Adam never sees his own son, Connor, ever again. Delia's corneas are later donated to Adam and Chelsea's son, Connor, to save his eyesight.

Sage told Gabriel toAs it turns