All the judges loved the dance

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He later danced his weekly routine with Makenzie. She called him a master of time. Kenny Ortega called Paul an anchor as always. This week they danced an emotional contemporary piece choreographed by new choreographer Lindsay Nelko.

Unfortunately I think Jenna and Tucker

This week the partners got split up and got partnered with an all-star. Kenny Ortega said Paul has a fire burning in his soul and that his love for dance is apparent in every single move that he makes. Paul got eliminated at the end of the episode. She put him on the hot tamale train. The partners got standing ovations from the audience and two out of three judges.

She said his hot tamale train was still going. Jenna Elfman said that she never thought she would see Paul dance hip hop and contemporary the way he does and said he was inspiring to her.

Unfortunately, I think Jenna and Tucker could be in trouble. Every other step in the Salsa is a back rock, so she's going to have to tighten up. Paul and partner Makenzie danced a jazz routine choreographed by Sean Cheesman. Both of them, and I think Jenna even more so.

Every other step