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How could I effectively help them if I myself looked ill and helpless. When you buy a property and intend to flip it, your agent can tell you how much your project will sell for when completed, based upon recently sold properties in your area. Even my eyes were watery and my friends told me I have terrible eye bags. She was able to bring some medicine in her purse so when she learned I was complaining about my bad feelings, she immediately went to me and gave some Allerta tablets.

This I believed have in a way weakened my immune system so that when we encountered too much dust along the road I felt my head suddenly became heavy. Besides that, my head was already aching on the lower part near my nape. Granted, there are successful, full time agents and not-so-successful part time agents, but the successful ones know how to sell your property at the right time and at the right price.

It took three days before my colds was completely healed. It was really a terrible feeling that I never had felt for long. Obviously it was allergic rhinitis that hit me.

My nostrils were also too itchy and with watery discharge. When I woke up after an hour or so, I felt lighter.

It took three daysIt was really