Apps open and close rather quickly

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There are also a few filters that can be added before taking a photograph. There is also a Mirror app, which is a just a clever name for an app that turns on the front camera. It worked flawlessly every time.

Despite this step-motherly treatment by Asus, both phones are great devices in their own rights and are affordable too. Captured p video suffers from exposure issues as the video is unusually dim. Its slightly contoured matte rear surface makes it easy to grip but the huge size demands two hands to use it without dropping it. Even Google's first developer version of Android P makes allowances for notched-displays. On the right edge of the phablet are the volume rocker and the power button, both made of metal.

On the right, the iPhone X. It has very good saturation in the colours that are displayed but is dim even at its highest brightness setting.

It is very useful for people who have a busy calendar. So if you were taking a photo of a sunset, the camera would optimize the settings to best capture it. Asus has innovated with its Selfie mode, in which the rear camera can focus on as many as four faces and capture an image automatically. The earpiece and the front camera are placed above the screen. The back is aluminum and has a fingerprint sensor in the center and a vertically stacked dual-rear camera in the corner.

However, it is well built and can probably take more than a few falls. Apps open and close rather quickly. The bundled earphones, however, are really good, and do a decent job of reproducing sound and isolating outside noise.

Below the screen are the capacitive buttons for navigation. All these features are impressive especially when it comes to price. Multiple shooting modes are also available. On the other hand, viewing angles are decent.

It features tons of manual options that pro users can tinker with. All the numbers are really good compared to other phablets in the same price range. The company launched four new handsets at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

As a result of this, sunlight legibility takes a hit. This dynamically adjusting the charging rate, which slows down the battery ageing process. Both these games stuttered in some areas.

It features tons

It takes perfect photos every time, whatever the subject, without you even having to think about it. But buried in this copycat news were some truly impressive Android phones announced by Asus. This is akin to the scene settings on an old point and shoot camera.

All the numbers are really