More than Gunther and Tinka

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With a sneer, Chad rides off. Too nervous to speak to such a vision of beauty, he rushes out. He volunteers to take a Shakespearean sonnet to her. Jim, now dressed like Chad, enters and asks Sylvia if she's seen Sandra. Ed confesses his love for Chad, but he then takes off his hat and reveals to everyone that he is actually Natalie.

Sylvia tells Jim that he's crazy to fall for a woman like that, and Jim admonishes Sylvia for having grown cold and bitter. Dean, for the first time, disobeys his mother and shows her that he can now dance. Christopher Ashley directed, with choreography by Jody Moccia. Matilda scolds the citizens for dancing and singing, then goes off to find the root of this newfound evil.

Sylvia tells Jim that

Before arriving in Illinois at the end of the summer which had been a pretty decent summer until I turned thirteenI didn't know anything about my dad being Elvis. Not that it ever turns bad. More than Gunther and Tinka. As the heartbroken Jim slinks off, Ed enters, and after a short argument, Sandra agrees to leave Ed with Chad. All in all, she's rude, mean, and bossy.

Dean for the first

But Natalie insists that Chad is the only guy for her.

She comes upon a couple kissing, and she's stunned to see that it's her precious Dean kissing Lorraine. She comes upon a necking couple, and she's stunned to see that it's her precious Dean kissing Lorraine. Dean and Lorraine run off into the night.

Mayor Matilda is cracking down on the immoral behaviour that is now running rampant through the town. All Shook Up musical Chad interrupts the wedding and declares his love for Natalie, though Natalie decides to not marry him and hit the open road. Jim tells Chad that he's in love with a woman who doesn't love him back. And now apparently she justs makes fun of Deuce like Ty.