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Their rankings reflected their personal preferences about the non-physical attributes of the other people in the class. If the Hinge algorithm notices that you like people with certain characteristics, it shows you more people with those characteristics. The swipe-left, swipe-right dating app Tinder, for example, is known for making matches based on an internal attractiveness ranking it calculates for each of its users.

They have to decide who gets which room, and all of them want the master bedroom. As a result, the matching process is zero-sum. Desirability could incorporate non-physical attributes as well as good looks. Now imagine the same four friends moving into a different apartment. Or does the mismatch in how everyone else perceives their desirability lead to trouble down the road?

It also allows you to start a conversation with a person whose profile may have impressed you. Some of the revelations are hard truths. Is the plain one rich or funny?

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When the researchers looked at the ratings, they found that most students agreed on who was hot and who was not. Seeing it can set off an uncharitable search for an explanation. Over time, personality had more of an impact on how desirable someone was.

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Books from Priceonomics

Among couples who met when they started dating, year and a half dating anniversary cards both people were about equally attractive. Is the attractive one boring or unintelligent?

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In a dating market of strangers, they agree more on who is most datable, so they compete and settle. And that can make the dating market a more brutal and competitive process.

The algorithm uses both filters to predict whether users are likely to like each other, and unlike with Tinder, attractiveness does not play a starring role. Because if more and more people meet their future spouse on a first date, the mixed-attractiveness couple might just go extinct. Because like the couples in the study that were equally attractive, they never know their matches before they start dating. When people know each other, the situation is more win-win, because they develop their own preferences and disagree on who is most desirable.