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Shim is not a good fighter and he is old but he resists and keeps getting up. Despite being the object of ridicule in numerous scenes, his underlying, offbeat charm runs constant throughout the film. Yet all of this is wrapped up in the possibility of being dreams or memories. But storms don't last forever, and it's when their anger starts to subside that Very Ordinary Couple becomes a more interesting film.

It has the potential for both. Yet when Sung-joon listens to it later after ending their relationship, the song becomes foreboding and depressing. She refuses to be controlled by this gaze, even intervening to have Professor Choi re-write his textual gaze of her.

At least in this tree top transition just described, it could be a means of putting us in the place of Professor Choi', showing us what he will see before he sees it. They walk to a restaurant at which many of Sung-joon's students, also Hae-won's classmates, happen to be drinking and eating. It's just as likely that these characters might continue to repeat their destructive patterns with each other.

This single incident throws the

This single incident throws the inner workings of the Goldmoon crime syndicate into chaos, since the powerful boss of the group had been sitting in the car's back seat. But Park's approach is more expansive that of most other Korean gangster films. Instead, we get a highly engaging but also rather honest look at the way feelings both change and stay the same over time. The premise of Blood and Ties is actually not bad. It has a scope and depth that is unusual for Korean films of this genre.

But Park's approach is