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Ro then exposes Ariana's plot to everyone. Ro is banished from Apollonia and placed on a boat that will take her back to her island. Tiny comes to her and tells her that Ariana poisoned the wedding cake as well. While she isn't in the greenhouse, Antonio leaves her a note asking her to sail away with him, after learning his wedding date to Luciana has been moved forward, but Tika hides it.

By now, Ro feels like she doesn't belong in Apollonia and thinks about returning to her island, but her love for Antonio and determination to find out about herself convinces her to stay. Never afraid of adventure, Rosella agrees in hope of finding her birth family. Luciana, who is a sweet, kind, artistic, and polite girl, realizes quickly that Antonio and Rosella are already in love. Ro does, however, succeed in earning the friendship of the queen's pet monkey, Tallulah. Tika nearly drowns, but Rosella calls the dolphins.

One day, a prince named Antonio comes to the island to explore. It can be presumed that she is a good teacher. Rosella starts to sang a lullaby. She saves his life when crocodiles attack him and his friend Frazer. The entire group are then thrown overboard, as Ariana had paid a man to sabotage the boat.

She is also the first to realize Ariana's plan, along with Sagi - another scene in which she is shown to be smart. Rosella is intelligent, knowing English while being on the island, calling the dolphins for help when she was dumped in the water, and keeping calm. Rosella gets released, but Antonio takes back his throne and duties of marrying Luciana back to do it.