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His friend Paul Politi hooked him up with music industry businessman Larry Nunes, who helped to finance their album. The couple separated in and later divorced. White started making dollars a week. White grew up listening to his mother's classical music collection and first took to the piano, emulating what he heard on the records. His parents never married, so his mother gave him her last name, but he later took on the surname of his father.

Then he had a brainstorm for another concept album. They rehearsed for almost a year. Despite separating from his wife of two decades several years before his death, White and James never actually divorced.

Then he somehow convinced White to do it. Nunes had started cutting tracks for a concept album he was working on. By the time of his death, Barry White had achieved a near-universal acclaim and popularity that few artists achieve and even fewer within their own lifetime.

At the time it was touted as one of the biggest deals ever. Those were some lean times for White. He started a label called Unlimited Gold. Del-Fi, Mustang and Bronco.

The album earned White two Grammys. White's voice can clearly be heard in this piece as he plays the lover who answers the phone call of the female lead. With his relationship with Uni in chaos and Love Unlimited contract-bound with the label, White decided he needed to work with another act.