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These Slavic stunners have long hair, clear skin, full lips, and athletic bodies. Belarus beauty is a spiritual beauty coming out of the inside.

Eastern Europeans are quite different from their western counterparts in their ideas regarding feminism. The country was once a part of Soviet Union and is slowly opening to the world. If you are from a western nation such as England, Germany, America, etc. While they have the rare Slavic features of fair skin, blonde hair, they also often said to have an amazing personality to match these amazing bodies.

They are manicured and coiffed

At one point the Belarusian government even made an effort to restrict the mail order bride business in Belarus, because they felt that the hottest women were leaving, but, thankfully, they gave up. They are respectful towards others.

They want to be treated as equals, with respect. Belarus ladies go to the more natural look than their sister from Russia or Ukraine and have flawless skin. More In love with a Belarus woman Given the lack of available men in their own country, thousands of single Belarus women have no other choice than to look abroad to find a suitable life partner. More The charms of the Belarusian Beauties They are tall, slim usually pale and have bright colored eyes. If you are not an avid follower of global political news, you would not be interested in knowing about this country.

They think foreigners really like them and want serious relationships, and foreigners usually are just sex tourists and it is clear what they are looking for. Slavic women are renowned for being strong headed and you must treat a woman from Belarus with dignity and respect.

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Belarus women seem to have perfected the art of maintaining a sexy, healthy and fit physique. They look for long term ties. You are the knight, she is the princess. Most of the people are Orthodox, but there is a sizeable Catholic minority too. Belarusian women are brilliant and you need to hone your dating skills to win them over.

They are manicured and coiffed to perfection and never appear in public without a slick of lipgloss and mascara. After that step, you get a train ticket or plain ticket. Thus Belarusian women are sought after as brides and partners because they make great relationships. Despite the fact that it's a huge country, most of you couldn't pick Belarus out on a map if you were paid to do it. Usually foreign guys in Belarus use the same scheme.

As such, you shouldn't treat a woman from Belarus in the same way as one from your own country. Hence people do not know how to approach them or impress them. So, the women are much more proactive about maintaining a happy relationship. Many foreigners advice Minsk, Belarus capital, as very good place to find a girl.

Women are focused primarily on being good mothers and wives. Here are a few tips that you may find handy while searching for the right Belarus woman and winning her heart. You can tell her interesting facts about your country so that she understands you and your culture better.

Belarus girls and women are stunning natural beauties. Very seldom foreigner goes alone.