Best davanagere benne dosa in bangalore dating

Best davanagere benne dosa in bangalore dating

But as expert as the town may be in the art of the dosa, getting to the origin of the Davangere Benne Dose is surprisingly difficult. And we get it if you say you love the idlis or sada dosas over anything else, but the masala dosa here is to die for. Vidyarthi Bhavan Vidyarthi Bhavan on the Gandhi Bazaar main road is one of the oldest favorites in the city. The fluffy, flabby dosas served in these tiny rooms are so buttered that the piece of newspaper they give you to wipe your hands just will not do. The open flame at his hotel is roaring now, with nearly six or seven butter-dotted dosas cooking.

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The food is served in Karnataka style, on a banana leaf, laid out in a long row where everyone is seated together. The crisp, thin dosa is gone in minutes.

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The single dosa that arrives, minutes after I order, is chocolate-brown, paper-thin. The food is good too but that is not why you would want to go to Rogue Elephant. Revanasiddiah would accompany his mother when she would visit them, and decided, as an adult, to set up a hotel. Try the benne masale dose and request for extra chutney believe me, you will want it. Next morning, they add soda and water, and run test batches to get the perfect consistency for the batter.

But I ask anyway, to find out what the other offerings are. To add to the ambiance further, there is a shop that sells garden accessories and plants that shares the space. Though it does have a seating area, most people prefer to get take-aways especially on Sundays. Here, there are some hubs, each with a scattering of tiny establishments. And these hotels, with their typically short menus, manage to provide dosa nirvana in a way no newfangled combination can.

Curiously, the chutney here is boiled, not fried with a tempering as is typical.

You can watch the world go by as you savor your food. These establishments offer unabashed celebrations of grease. Davangere Benne Masale These are typically the small one-room operations where dosas are made on huge earthen tawas, heated on firewood.