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Other than the regular torrent download categories including Movies, Music, Software, Games, etc. For added measure, we have also included some terrific free torrent clients that support Android, because you never know when people want to move this storage to their phones. Or, you can find yourself a The Pirate Bay proxy website on the internet. This is primarily a torrent finer for the movies only. Academic Researchers Only for Researchers.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Another site that appears to be Russian, this site is currently active and appears to have current torrents available. The user interface of the website is very simple and conventional. So, this you are making a torrent-specific Google Search. The website recently underwent a massive rework, improving the layout and eliminating some serious security risks.

One of the best features about Bitport. It provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links, shrek 4 and is often touted as the best alternative to The Pirate Bay.

Best torrent sites for movies music and moreThe Top Torrent Sites

We are not sure either they are the actual mirrors or some clones of the actual website. Go to this website if nothing else is working. This website is as simple as its name sounds. Please refer to the disclaimer section at the bottom of this article for more information.

It is completely secure and encrypted. Moving along the line of other torrent indexing sites, the home page now only features a search page. They verify each torrent before making it available to download for other users.

Bobtor has managed to find a place in our list as it has rightfully made its way into one of the most popular and best movie torrenting sites around. Users can find current torrents in a variety of categories. Unlike other torrent websites, Torlock only lists verified torrents. The torrent also provides a Trending section which lists popular torrents for a day and week. We would like to make sure that ranking we produce must be authentic and help our readers to make informed decisions about the website they are going to use for torrent download.

This website shows the latest and most downloaded torrents in form of word clouds which is really helpful if you are looking to explore and not sure what to download. People might not visit a torrent site for watching trailers. Wondering How To Download Torrents? At the time of writing, the site only lists torrent hashes and no longer any links to external torrent sites.

This article contains lots of torrent site searching tips to keep you out of harm's way. We performed three different popular searches in each site to see where we would get the most results. Torrents are nothing but files of a few kilobytes without a torrent client installed on your computer. Torrenting and torrent sites is not dead.

January 2019

Along with the torrent files, you can also load the torrent files using the magnet links. So, be careful while clicking anywhere on the screen. The two torrent sites are now offline. The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay is certainly the biggest torrent site in the world and one of the most controversial to ever exist.

You can hover over the button to find the right one. You might be aware of the fact that indulging in copyright infringement is against the law in many countries and might land people in prison. What about torrent sites for softwares and games i cant use any of these please help. It is currently banned in Australia and France. It works simply as Google does theoretically.

Since a few torrent sites have left the scene recently, this year's top list also reveals some new names. However, and this bit is very important so please pay close attention, some lawsuits are also targeted towards individual users. Still, it could be helpful to some. TorrentProject is also doing well.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. After all, indexing millions of torrents and providing you with a potentially endless supply of search results is going to be a very difficult task. This is the official torrent site!

15 Best Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay has a long and most ugly history with the law enforcement agencies. First, the cat-and-mouse game between political authorities and some of the popular torrent sites often results in torrent sites shutting down really quickly.

Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom. That is a battle which we will be looking forward to.

10 Most Popular (NON BLOCKED) Torrent Sites in May

Our research shows that the popular torrent site that provides torrent files and magnet links has more movies than other types of files. The torrents are also very easy on your bandwidth, which is one of the main advantages of this site. What are the most popular torrent sites this year? You can either search your favourite torrents or browse through the categories as well. One advantage of this tracker is the excellent user experience provided by the simple, organized layout.

15 Best Torrent Sites in (Number of Torrents vs. Speed)