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Big white man dances for you on screen

He may be one of the world's most acclaimed filmmakers, but it took him more than a quarter-century to earn his first and so far only Oscar. Dances With Wolves defied all of that.

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She went on to strike more poses further away from the water's edge as the day went on. Cleese, however, claimed the parallels between the Ealing Comedies and A Fish Called Wanda were unintentional, but embraced the comparison.

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That really is a herd of buffalo storming across the prairie. Lots of patience and meat scraps were required to get Buck and Teddy to cooperate. Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Images for Spotify. The induction ceremony included tying an eagle feather in his hair and giving him a hand-woven quilt. Singer swaps zany outfits for jeans and T-shirt on sunshine stroll Singer loves an eccentric look.

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Filming required a few domesticated buffalo for close-up shots. It's worth noting that Scott had alerted the Academy ahead of time that he refused the nomination, so it was hardly surprising that he wasn't there to accept the actual award. Following suit is the upcoming Wonder Woman film led by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, in theaters this summer - Diana is portrayed as bisexual.

Lots of patience