She has had a brilliant career

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Currently Coddington is chasing down anBoyd was one of

Boyd was one of the first to eliminate door handles and excess trim. Currently, Coddington is chasing down an electrical problem in her personal Ford, which she told us might be the antics of Boyd messing with her. May god bless him, his family and his friends. The only thing that will ever stop anyone, male or female, in this industry is themselves.

As an adult, Coddington continued on with her automotive passion, spending much of her free time racing off-road. Rest in peace Boyd, a true Hot Rodder. During her high-speed, white-knuckle life there have been many highs as well as several lows.

Coddington also traveled with Boyd to car shows and hot rod events around the world, promoting the business and meeting all the amazing people in the industry. We love it everything else has to wait Boyd and his team come first, the cars and the finish is beyond anything we have every seen.

Boyd was already her business partner, best friend and the man that put the sparkle in her eye. When Boyd started his business B. Thank you to all his team but bless you Boyd such a craftsman such a lost of knowledge, talent and style. She has had a brilliant career.

One that has been both endearing while having to be endured. Images Compliments of Jo Coddington.