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The driver can sell you tickets only if the ticket machine inside the bus has run out of tickets older buses have no ticket machines. Venison dziczyzna - this special kind of meat which you either love or do not like is rather expensive and not so easy to find.

Tartar tatar

There are wicker baskets and larger pieces of furniture which are very interesting though maybe too big to take home. Tartar tatar - raw minced meat made of beef sirloin served with raw egg yolk, chopped onions, sour cucumbers, mushrooms occasionally with capers and anchovies.

There are wicker baskets and

In fact none of them are really served by buses or trams. Served with home-made noodles. Those in black indicate performances which can viewed by foreigners who have not yet grasped our rather complicated, difficult to pronounce, language. Call them and ask about ticket availability.

The same goes for hand made table cloths or every kind of lacework. Hand made pictures often on glass or wood can be purchased from artists who sell in popular tourists spots around the city. They can be served boiled or baked with butter or other fat.

Of course many of the events such as theatre performances are not for those who do not understand the Polish language. If you come by car - take back some Polish food and share it with your family at home. Note that buses numbered eg. When you are in a good restaurant try a dish of venison, the taste is quite unique.