It's not your fault though

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You are doing it

You start to lose sight of who you were to begin with. But you may just have more in common with man who knocks than you think. You start lying to your friends and family about your dating life. You have become the one that knocks. You, ummm, wanted a family.

You end your journey a damaged person, but feeling truly alive for the first time. You promise the Jesse within you that nobody else has to get hurt, but know deep down inside it's inevitable.

Eventually, the lies about your dating life pile up so high that you can't even keep track anymore of what fibs you have told. Joshua Pompey provides dating advice to men and women around the world.

You are busy running a

As the angry text messages, emails and phone calls from men you have dated begin to roll in, you realize that your actions are starting to have an impact on others. Denial is a powerful force. It's all because you are looking for the right person to settle down and have a family with. More innocent singles will suffer.

You determine the terms of the first date. If you just so happen to have a few dozen expensive evenings out with random strangers, or break a few hearts along the way, so be it. You arrange where to meet. You work your manipulative magic into making your dates like you and pay for everything.

Instead of admitting to your friends that you are on your fifth date in two weeks, you pretend you have important family functions of you're own, or have business that you need to attend to. First dates take priority over birthdays and celebrations.

You are busy running a dating empire and your friends and family just won't understand. You are doing it all for family. You keep promising yourself nobody else will get hurt. Feelings are at stake and those you have dated are actually getting hurt emotionally.