Bridget jones interviews colin firth online dating

Bridget jones interviews colin firth online dating

He brushes such namby pamby worries aside. And he didn't actually get to pick the actor. But they can have a very dry sense of humour, and they can be very individualistic, very funny, often quite wild. Especially if they happen to come from a privileged background and they don't really need to do it.

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Zellweger also went one step further by working incognito at a London book publisher, Picador, as a trainee in the publicity department. Muller is now representing the Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan in a case against Turkey, where he faces the death sentence.

He brushes such namby

Screen immortality notwithstanding, Muller has pressing concerns in the real world as chairman of the Kurdish Human Rights Project and vice-chairman of the Bar Human Rights Committee. Despite contracting food poisoning from the canapes at a local Labour party social the previous night, Muller manages to exude enthusiasm for the election campaign. Perhaps Mark Darcy could do for lawyers what Al Pacino did for investigative journalists in the film The Insider - make them sexy. His wife, Catherine Maxwell Stuart, is also standing as a Labour candidate, near her ancestral home in Scotland. To cast on looks, you'd have to go for Tom Hanks.

Catherine was previously married to a mutual friend, and Muller became godfather to their daughter, Isabella. Barristers don't tend to wear their wackiness on their sleeve. He was surprised that straw polls at the premiere suggested an even split between those women who favoured Darcy, and those who preferred Bridget's boss, the dastardly Cleaver. But I hope people in Windsor will see that Labour are now the natural party of government, the party of stability as well as the party of economic fairness.