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Linda Goodman and some of her books

The Aquarian girl lives in tomorrow, and you can only visit there through her. He can probably tell you how many eyelashes you have.

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Both your vices and your virtues blend into an interesting and colorful pattern, as far as he's concerned. Her hair won't look like the hair of any other female on this planet. You can expect the truth when you ask him a direct question. So he wanders among his lonely clouds, while we mere mortals wonder what he's doing way out there.

Join the crowd and toss your ego in the wastebasket, or his coolly impersonal approach will be sure to bruise it. Unlike the Aries or Leo boss, he won't exert energy trying to convince you that you're making a mistake in voting for that man, dating that girl or wearing that color tie.

Her appearance is puzzling. On the other hand, don't ever attempt to dictate his personal code to him, either. The real troubles don't begin until maturity increases stubbornness.

Anything less brings the danger of being politely and kindly, but firmly dropped. But this may not be the century to prove it.

Easier to slide away from later, my dear. The Aquarian philosophy is that everyone has fais thing, his special yearning.

Bruises can take minutes to days to develop Atwal et al pp. He launched himself over the third-base side railing and two rows of seats, receiving a lacerated chin and bruised face. Colour changes tend to begin at the margins of a bruise, lapso significado yahoo dating and thus a large collection of blood will take comparatively longer to pass through a series of colour changes.

He's resting his soul, and those periods of retreat are necessary. Some Uranus-ruled men have a fetish for cleanliness. Not that such a feat will change his feelings. He may not be the best breadwinner around, but he's capable of inventing something beneficial to the world or being the first man to land on Mars. You may regret your suspicions when you spend a few hours in abject misery wondering if he really did tell that redhead she was gorgeous.

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It's certain they didn't greedily grasp for it. Putting the shoe on the other foot, an Aquarian can arouse a heap of possessiveness in you when the tables are turned. That's not the way the game is played with Aquarians. But don't try to dissect her private thoughts.

It's interesting to see that, as the world moves into the Aquarian Age, the heralds of the new era are the flower people and the Gurus. But before you start tricking him, you'd better try to understand how to cope with his unique outlook about people. Uranus-ruled executives are as rare as albino pandas. Feeling like an insect trapped under a scientist's cold eye isn't exactly calculated to cause the heart to flutter in any feminine bosom.

It may be kind of tricky to tell the difference. First of all, she probably dissected your psyche under a microscope before she gave you a second glance. Does she want male advances or doesn't she?

So she finally drifts or runs away to a more fiery or earthy male, and the Aquarian sadly sighs for an instant or two before he begins his next romantic investigation. It can't be done, and besides, who in the world would want to try?

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Add to that a highly tuned, perceptive intuitiveness which makes you think he has a crystal ball tucked in a pocket. The worst of it is that hell never give a reason for the break.

It's easy to grow restive under his intent analysis of your every word and gesture. His mind and body must both be as free as the wind.

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You may notice the Aquarian employee with a different friend each week or so. Unlike Aries and Leo or Gemini, he has no desire to hard sell his ideas to others. Christian Bamard and his heart transplants or Wemher von Braun and his rockets interest her far more than J.

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An Aquarian man doesn't want to reveal his true feelings, in spite of his favorite pastime of penetrating the feelings of others. It's possible to have a happy relationship with the Uranus woman if you leave her free to pursue her myriad interests and circulate among her friends.

The Aquarian outlook is so broad that youll seldom find one who is prejudiced, unless there are severe planetary influences in the natal chart. An occasional Aquarian may spend a great deal of time intensely pondering sex, but if you know one of these, you can safely assume there's a heavy Scorpio influence in his natal chart. Unless there are marked afflictions in his natal chart, he's not capable of unfounded suspicion and possessiveness. Uranians need lots of fresh air, sleep and exercise, but they seldom take advantage of these remedies.

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