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Instead, each race is meticulously hand-crafted, inviting devoted fans to commit every nefarious twist and turn to memory. As you move around in dense traffic, your cockpit gets indistinct while the cars around you come into focus. Cruising the dual carriageways of Northern Italy at just below the legal speed limit while a local radio station plays unintelligibly is pure nourishment for the soul. Try saying that about Flight Simulator X with a straight face. In a recurring theme throughout this feature, mod support plays a huge role in its prolonged lifespan.

Coming up on a gentle right-hand corner, your view shifts a bit as your driver avatar looks right into the apex. When someone is coming up fast on your tail, objects farther away get a bit fuzzier while your mirrors sharpen to razor clarity. The racing mechanics make for an ideal pick-up-and-play multiplayer game that you can lose hours to without noticing. But its rewards are aimed at a specific and demanding group of players.

For those of us who cut our teeth on the IndyCar and Grand Prix Legends game, that name alone is recommendation enough. As the seasons change between spring, summer, autumn, and winter, so do the landscapes. Canyon take on a terrifying, Hot Wheels-inspired new meaning.

Every single key on your keyboard has its own unique function. So here, cars actually go around the corners, even when you give the throttle some beans. The real joy of the game is in handling the company, from laying down tracks and building stations, to managing the workforce and researching new technologies. It may have the single greatest soundtrack of any racing game, and some of the best event variety, too.

The best PC simulation games

You want fun and excitement?

Also failing to make the drive from previous games is the procedural track-generating system, Your Stage. All these small details accumulate to let you know that Codemasters really, really care about this sport.

These are hard games, but the race-modified sedans of the World Touring Car Cup should ease your transition into serious racing. The second Insurgency game wonderfully straddles the line between hardcore soldier simulator and arcade multiplayer games. Forget everything racing games taught you about turning circles.

They hunt for freighters in the incomprehensibly vast ocean for days at a time, and when they do engage in combat it moves at a kind of perpetual bullet time. Nor is its emphasis on graphics. Each can be piloted using arcade boo! While the studio appears to have lost its way a bit with the dubious free-to-play RaceRoom Racing Experience, SimBin were sim racing royalty during the mids.

Turns out, virtual driving is way more exciting than trying to parallel park a second-hand Skoda. But there are muscle cars, endurance cars, and open-wheel racers to choose from in this package, all of them brilliantly recreated and offering unique driving challenges. It sounds gimmicky, of acrobat reader but it all feels as natural as driving a car in real life. The Grand Poobah of simulation racing.

Or just lets you make creepy crop circles. Play War Thunder for free.

War Thunder

Rather than be bound to one vehicle, you can freely swap your car for any other on the road at the push of a button. Less a great racing game and more a great handling model with a game built-up around it, Assetto Corsa feels like driving a real car around a real track, to the point of being uncanny at times. In the meantime, get fired into the speedy sensations above. You can even feel when the back end of the car is starting to twitch out, and the difference between modern and classic vehicles can be felt just through handling and feedback.

City Car Driving - Car Driving Simulator PC Game

This is a racing game for people who want the real thing and are willing to spend hours training for it. Every arcade racer should be as cool as this game. The competition is fierce and frantic.

Best racing games ten of the best for PC

Best racing games 2019 ten of the best for PC

Best racing games 2019 ten of the best for PC

It also has one of the most novel conceits in the genre. It is, however, fascinating, terrifying, and hugely satisfying as a long-form experience. Tremendous weather effects. Injection Assetto Corsa iRacing. Canyon really has a winning, unique selling point.

Sweeping barrel-rolls, nigh-impossible jumps, and floating platforms that stick up two fingers to physics are what set the TrackMania series apart from other arcade racers. Its model of orbital mechanics has also been praised by those in a position to assess that sort of thing.

The best PC simulation games

Whoever fires first in this free Steam game almost always carries away the spoils. Real cars, you might have noticed, rarely cartwheel into the verge the moment you dare to mix steering and acceleration inputs. The thoughtfulness even extends to depth-of-field. However, it makes for much more spectacular night-time flying, cities glimmering on your windshield as you descend through the clouds.

So much so that it was once accidentally used in place of real warzone footage. Operating a submarine is not that.