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Amane's route seems to be half-and-half with the story. Seeing them act like each other and often fail while doing it is hilarious. The extra-large sprites also make the window feel cramped when multiple characters are visible at the same time. The world is filled with so many colors, but without light they can't be given life. This accident causes her parents to take her home, much to the dismay of club members.

During her route you get a better look at some of the events that while not on-screen for Kotori's route still had plot relevance i. Conclusion For such a short visual novel, deIz has a surprising amount of polish. They play the oldest twin game in the book and swap places for a while to the confusion of Aoi and Ageha and to the pure enjoyment of Kanako.

And MoeNovel set them high, met them, and then surpassed them. In some cases it becomes so bad you can barely make out the background. The distance blur works really well, masking the simplicity of the models while simultaneously diverting attention away from the background and onto the characters.

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There, atop a hill lined with windmills, he encounters a wheelchair-bound girl, Kotori Habane, and a beautiful, white glider soaring through the sky. Presentation The moe sprite art looks good and the rounded lines provide a nice contrast with the very angular backgrounds. The Music has different kinds of feelings from Happy, excited, to somber and calm.

They are very long and make up a large part of the review, so read at your own risk. Outside the crazy endings, the writing is bland and the story unexciting.

Asa, while in the other arcs is sort of a backseat driver simply kind of standing around, is a much bigger part in her own route. Getting all the many endings is tedious even with a guide and a hand firmly glued to the skip key. This somehow makes more sense than some of the other endings. Music and Art Professionals have standards.

Nothing goes wrong in the way that other visual novels would have a character killed off, or just have it end abruptly with the main character questioning life. Crush may not be the correct word here, stalker-level creepy obsession is more descriptive of their interaction. This arc seems to be a mix of all elements shared between the others, it has love, comedy, drama, and the fight for your freedom to fly at the hands of Mr. The characters are then simply drawn on top of the rendered background.

The endings will be too much alike, or spin off into something barely related to the decisions and events of the main story. Aoi will not have her taken away so easily. Bonus My notes for each of the endings, massive spoilers everywhere. Getting all endings is tedious even with the walkthrough.

During her route you get