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The other parents told him that's probably not a hill he wanted to die on. He was pretty hot under the collar. If they don't move forward, a friendship isn't even formed. My marriage started out as a platonic friendship that turned to romance.

Chances are they are focused on finding someone romantically. And both you and she have to get used to deciding what issues you really care about. Granted, I'm not desperate either.

And it isn't abnormal for people to date for over a year before they realize that although they like each other a lot, that there isn't a future as a romantic couple. Similarly, she needs to have the opportunity to meet at least some of the objectives that matter most to her. She found the close friendship but they eventually realized that the romance wasn't there and wasn't like to grow.

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But some kind of consultation is usually possible. You don't want the first time they escape close monitoring to be when they're at college.