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Consolidating call centers

How a department handles its communication is a management function and should be Ms. Williams said the old system wasn't broken. Bottom-line impact of call center centralization Each call center environment is different and has to be carefully evaluated before making the decision whether to centralize.

The benefits Comparing the cost analysis for a centralized call center with the status quo will indicate whether consolidating is cost-effective. Reductions in hardware, software and maintenance.

Williams said the old system wasn't

Centralized management and supervision. Schriro, has already suspended further consolidation until she completes a thorough review of the project. This analysis is conceptually simple but practically challenging.

As companies look for ways to decrease costs without undercutting the customer experience, the debate over whether to centralize or decentralize call centers is a perennial one. Senate President Donald Williams, D-Brooklyn, went further, saying at a public hearing Tuesday he would work to reverse the consolidation in areas that don't have police departments. Yes, there may be some incremental costs associated with moving calls across different regions, but volume discounts may also be available.

Complaints include barracks not being manned properly, increased response times and a case of a trooper being sent to a wrong address. To do a fair assessment, it's critical to capture all direct and indirect costs. For a consolidated center, it's also important to establish all potential call categories that center representatives could encounter to identify the skill sets that you need.

How a department handles its communication