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Consolidating itunes library on external drive

Consolidating your library keeps the originals in their original location and creates copies placed in the iTunes Media folder. Empty the Trash or Recycle Bin. When importing songs into desktop iTunes, check your settings to ensure the media-management app is not set to create copies of any imported items in your library. This may take a while depending on the number of the source files being consolidated, their size, the speed of your computer, available storage space and other factors.

We recommend that you put the iTunes folder back into its default location. Once you've done that, follow the next set of steps to change your iTunes Music library location to the new drive and then consolidate your library to the new location.

Consolidating your library keeps the

This lets you safely move your iTunes folder to a new computer or external disk without losing anything. Some users are unaware that for each imported item iTunes may create a copy.

Empty the Trash

Right now most of my music is on my external drive, but lately a lot of my music has loaded onto my internal drive. After the folder has been copied, locate your original iTunes Music folder, and drag it to the Trash or Recycle Bin. This update will not move or delete any of your song files. You can even delete any imported files in their original locations because iTunes now has copies. On the Desktop or Finder sidebar.