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She even gave me a confirmation number. Now an automated system tells me my appointment is for another day this week I never agreed to and so I proceeded to speak with a representative. The Choice Is Yours Choosing who you want as your energy supplier can be confusing, especially if you didn't realize you had more than one option. Other benefits include potential savings on taxes in some markets and an overall increased exposure to options.

Energy Deregulation Comes To You Until recently, one utility company has provided the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy in the forms of gas and electric utilities. Energy Options To Choose From Although you may not know the options available to you for purchasing your energy, there are three key paths possible. He was able to assist me in turning my heat on.

Intermediary Company Finally, you may choose to work through an intermediary company. The upside of this path is a competitive price.

This deregulated atmosphere has created many benefits for consumers. Just keep in mind that deregulation simply means that the supply of your energy does not have to be regulated by a utility company, and that you have options for which you pay your energy bill to. This doesn't make sense because November wasn't even talked about and I never agreed to that. Second, you can choose who you want to pay your energy bill to. Weighing the benefits of each option may help to save you money on future bills.

Next, if you have an energy strategy such as combining multiple sources of energy like solar, wind, and through the utility company, you have additional flexibility. Third-party Supplier You could also choose to go direct to a third-party supplier. Your Default Provider If you choose to stay with your existing utility company, things may remain the same as they have always been. This was just disrespectful.

First, deregulation creates competition between energy companies which can eventually mean lower rates for consumers. Fix this so no one else has to feel like they don't matter. Fourth, deregulation protects you from market fluctuations and rising energy costs.