Die struck with good sharp detail

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Timings Ltd, Birmingham and correctly marked as such on the slider. One with lug missing, the other with one replacement lug, crudely soldered.

Came in small red card box and with some research. Food and Drug Administration. Police are working with his parents to arrange the trip home. Gilt still bright, in good condition. Of Kings Yorkshire Light Infantry interest.

Some polishing to the detail of the lion and crown. Given its brass bordering though it is likely that it would have been attached to another lame which provided the main articulation. Its cuff is patterned at a slight angle and with the fluting present.

One with lug missingTimings Ltd Birmingham and correctly marked

Note the voided Roman numerals. Spero di avervi fatto cosa gradita. Good condition other than for one lug is bent but still functional. For comparison I have included a normal size postcard, to give you an idea of its size this is not included.