Barrayar in Vorkosigan Saga

Dating a bigot is a bigot

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Garnet also falls victim to this trope, but nowhere near as severe as Pearl. Norman Lear originally intended that Bunker be strongly disliked by audiences. Archie repeatedly called Richard M.

Essentially, the Andrew Jackson in the book is bigoted against groups but is capable of respecting an individual who is especially heroic and or a fierce fighter. Jesus is presented in this way in a That Mitchell and Webb Look sketch when his disciples point out the inherent Unfortunate Implications in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Clair comes off as highly condescending in her first encounter with Alm, since she's not used to dealing with commoners.

Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter is a downplayed example. Sadly, Redemption Equals Death. There are also a few women on Guilio's side that see his race as nothing more than tools to be used. This is almost the only truly positive depiction of religion among the many, many appearances and references it receives over the course of the series. Sam Vimes is an equal-opportunity racist.

Throughout the series his very many prejudices are Lampshaded and challenged and he is big enough to jettison many of them in the light of hard experience. She is far more open to the strength of humanity, but is still highly overconfident in combat. The surviving Ishvalans have admitted that they hate Amestris and many of its people for what they did to Ishval. This article needs additional citations for verification. Even characters who get on reasonably well with aliens like Ciaphas Cain have to work through their disgust while holding a conversation.

After acknowledging Emmet's creative potential through his heroic deeds, however, she pulls a on her tone and begins helping other non-Master Builders realize their own untapped potential. One of the leaders of the Underworld, The Executive, is known for his hatred towards humans. One or two High Elves are aware of their racial prejudices - Teclis for instance - but most see it as the natural order of things. What's outside the Radch is impure, and mostly barely human.

But of course, Breq really wants Anaander Miannai dead, and Sphene is a huge fan of that. He harbors a severe hatred for the English but still works to save British civilians. Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket is considerably homophobic but a well-intentioned guy. Lear thought that Bunker's opinions on race, sex, marriage, and religion were so wrong as to represent a parody of right-wing bigotry.