The same applied with women

Dating a girl who is damaged goods lyrics

The same applied with women. This was his choice and one that I could not live with.

The same applied with women

The white-knight complexed ones seem to be the worst. Therapy would have been great but he could not handle being open and raw and processing his emotions over past events that would have allowed him to leave these in the past.

No one is judging you specifically, but rather stating their preferences.

Originally Posted by wordlife I couldn't help after browsing through this thread, whenever someone brings up that they want to have a healthy relationship and they stay away from damaged goods i. Some of you guys need to realize an objective and rational viewpoint is not an attack on your character, or ever action that you've made during your life. Insecurity attracts insecurity I guess. Ozanne I wondered this same thing until a guy friend of mine helped explain why he thought I wasn't able to date.

This was his choice