She may love the attention

Dating a pregnant girl yahoo answers

Having a baby is something that should be planned and welcome. As a mother, I understand why you wouldn't want him to be with her.

Sometimes the answers are funnier than the questions and are worth a read for a laugh as well. My baby and I are going to be just fine. He won't contact her, has dissapeared and she has no idea how to find him. He had a lot of problems with my ex when we started dating. Even if they have parental help.

It is her choice to a certain extent, but it is your job as a parent you say you have raised her, so that makes you a parent to protect her from herself. Being pregnant can cause sore breasts etc and that could lead to pain, but your stomach actually growing, I don't think so. Sometimes the best thing to do is not the easiest.

But, I know I try my hardest every day to make him happy and make our family whole and full of love and happiness. Tell her that she is not capable of raising it the right way.

Put the baby up for adoption. She would know, deep down, that she did the right thing. The baby will probably only hurt you when you are giving birth to he or she.

Pre-ejaculate contains sperm and therefore you run the risk of getting pregnant still, even if he pulls out before ejaculation. It is just not fair for the baby. Oh, I'm the pregnant ex he left. Lastly, a girl gets pregnant by having unprotected or in some cases protected sex with a guy, and the guy ejaculates inside her vagina. The pulling out method is when the man pulls out his penis during intercourse right before he ejaculates so that he does not ejaculate inside the woman's vagina.

When the guy ejaculates, some of his sperm reaches into the uterus and fertilizes one of the woman's eggs and creates a fetus. When teenagers get pregnant and bring a baby into the world, they are bringing it into a broken home.

It is because you do care and want to give it the best life possible. Answers Devan McGuinness I used to think there was no such thing as a dumb question. It is still not a life you want to live.

Labor is very painful since the baby comes out of the mothers vagina, unless there must be a C-section where the mother's stomach is cut open. She won't be regretting an abortion. Besides this, he is a great guy - attractive, decent job, romances ladies on dates, understands feelings - all that great boyfriend stuff. Obviously, there is the most common way of getting pregnant by having unprotected sex.

She would know deepPut the baby up for