It is not to late for you

Dating after a abusive relationship

That was the driving

It always seemed like he had some kind of excuse to not come see me or cancel our dates. The good thing is you know now that what you felt was not love.

We will focus on our needs and well being, take responsibility for our actions and behaviour. That was the driving factor, even when he was no good to you and sexually abused you. Actions speak louder than words, embrace it. While it's easy to fall back into the same old pattern, you're entirely capable of breaking it.

We will focus on

Understand that it can happen. Words can also be manipulating, it depends on how they are being delivered. Try making a list of healthy relationship characteristics and respectful partner traits. Here are a few dating tips to help you stay clear of unhealthy relationships. The rest will fall into place.

Life is difficult so having a supportive other half makes the journey less stressful. If I had just said something and listened to the voice in my head that told me what was happening was wrong, maybe none of it would have happened. However, it was suffocating how prominent it was in the relationship. Treat your partner with respect and expect that they do the same for you. My advice would be to let go.