Just pay attention to her

Dating and giving space

Either that or she has just simply won your heart. Sometimes more closeness is wanted or needed by one or both of you and sometimes less. Tip Realize that space issues can wax and wane.

Whether she likes you right now or she will one day, try to understand that everything has its timing. Even though it's very tempting to message her twice or even three times, don't do it unless you know she'll be okay with it. And for the record, pretty much anyone can get tired of constantly being with each other doing the same activity on a regular day. No matter what, you need to give her space in a relationship. Don't bring up the same thing twice.

You owe her a lot of space while also understanding when she wants attention. However, depending on your confidence levels, you could easily depict when it's a good time to talk to her. Or maybe you've won her heart. Space means she will grow into you. He is continuing to further his undergraduate study.

If it happens to be you, the bond will become strengthened. Give Your Girlfriend Space Your girlfriend deserves it.

Give Your Girlfriend SpaceIf it happens to be