It devalues the experience

Dating app without pictures

Some are photoshopping pictures or choosing old or blurry photos for their profiles. And, as with any of these apps, more than anything it will all come down to the kind of crowd it draws. You have to start a chat with them sight basically unseen and hope it pays off. Oliver Romero, a dating app user living in New York, says he likes the idea of a dating app with no pictures that forces you to spend more time looking at profiles.

So you could have two different posts, one for dating and one for meeting pals. It devalues the experience. The first thing that you notice about someone is their physical appearance. You can then browse posts from others, depending on your interests, location, age, etc.

Some are photoshopping picturesAnd as with any of

Putting such an emphasis on superficial features may also lead to worse relationships. Swipe right for yes and left for no. Other characteristics actually turn out to be more important.

And that may not be such a bad thing. While the blurred pics do lend a bit of a witness protection vibe to the proceedings, you can glean a lot from the kind of headline people opt for. An Android version is promised soon. But, as the name suggests, if you really want to stretch your dating interactions out, Taffy could be the app for you.

You can decide who to chat up, and if your conversation progresses, the person's photo comes slowly into focus with each interaction. The free app pairs two users based on age, location and common interests. One second, if that, is all that users give to deciding whether or not that image appeals to them. Instead, all you see is a catchy headline on top of a blurred out picture. And Rudder knows from experience that looks really do matter.