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The earlier bottles are hand-blown with a tooled lip, and the later examples are machine-made. Several days later, after a night out at the theater, Mrs. It was later determined that the bottle contained not Bromo-Seltzer but potassium cyanide. The exact formula varied somewhat in the earlier years, with the main ingredient originally being sodium bromide.

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In contrast, machine-made bottles have mold seams that are usually visible clear up to the top of the bottle, often extending up onto the very top rim. One instance involved a gentleman who had mistaken a bottle of corrosive sublimate or mercuric chloride for a bottle of Bromo-Seltzer. Cornish left the present in his room and thought no more of it. Cornish took the box home and showed the gift to Mrs. Each scandalous revelation was widely reported as the trial dragged on for months.

Those examples would date from the late s and s. The last machine-made types have a screw-threaded lip. Exactly when the last glass Bromo-Seltzer bottles were made is uncertain, but probably in the s or s. Apparently someone had mistakenly killed Adams in an attempt to poison Cornish. Cornish eventually identified Mr.

Emerson, the man who patented the formula for Bromo-Seltzer, was as well-known in the lateth century as Bill Gates is today. Maryland Glass, no doubt, produced more of the B-S bottles than any other manufacturer. The Bromo-Seltzer Poisonings of Original articles by academic faculty, librarians and other researchers. An examination of bottles shows many that carry only mold numbers on the base. Doctor Hitchcock was summoned and attempted to pump the patient's stomach but found her unresponsive.

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Kate Adams, who was his aunt. These mold numbers one or two-digit numbers do not convey any precise information as to when the bottle was made. The doctor, wondering what she had consumed, took a small sip from the glass, collapsed and almost became a second victim himself.

Molineux was tried in both the courts and the news media. The package bore no mark of the sender.