Dating chester gold hallmarks

Dating chester gold hallmarks

Lidded tankards were also made intoIf a piece

Lidded tankards were also made into jugs. If a piece of silver is altered, it should have fresh hallmarks. If you see an object like this from this period with the hallmarks in a straight line on the base, be cautious.

With changes in fashion, many types of silverware have become outmoded. These are pieces of silver made between and when duty on silver was high. Chester has been the location of choice for a number of silversmiths over the years. The body would be re-hammered to make it taller and a spout would be added.

The other good advice is always buy from a reputable dealer who guarantees authenticity. The hallmark may also be distorted, either stretched or compressed. Chester closed Pictured above Two candlesticks from a set of four made during the time when there was no assay office in Birmingham. Because it is a very soft metal and difficult to work in its pure form, it is usually mixed with another like copper. The city arms mark of Chester is highly sought after, being rare on pre silver.

All separate parts of an article should be hallmarked, e. Tankards with lids were made into coffee pots. Gold-Traders has compiled a gold hallmark identification wizard to help decipher the markings that are stamped on your item. If you want to start collecting early Apostle spoons, be very careful.