Copts have never had it easy there

Dating coptic crosses

It began in these mountains, feet above the sands. Local traditions say that they lived here, that the Virgin Mary may have even bathed the baby Jesus in that spot there.

Local traditions say that they lived

But martyrdom has always been at the core of the Coptic religion. They want to share this story with the world. We never expected that they will turn so fierce and vicious in their attacks.

It began in these

But our story begins before the onset of all these horrors with a Coptic rite we witnessed, one of the most unusual events in all Christianity. Forgiveness is a very important principle in the Christian life. Anthony's remains are buried near here and they've been searching for them for centuries. That's why Christians from all over Egypt come to Coptic Cairo to pray.

Back then, the word Copt meant, simply, Egypt. As word of the killings spread all across Egypt, Muslim mobs began attacking Christian churches.

From nothing - the Copts developed a religious culture that's distinctly Egyptian - everything from music to art to some of the most magnificent churches of the early Christian era. Think of Egypt and the first thing that comes to mind is not Christianity.

Suffering, Copts believe, deepens their faith. Diximus originem deorum vestrorum a plastis de cruce induci. No church, no cells, no walls, nothing. Accusations that Christians were responsible for the coup.