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It became a leading employer and produced large quantities of munitions during the Second World War. As this area is close to neighbouring loyalist estates a number of peace lines are in existence due to continuing low level violence and vandalism.

The road continues north-west before turning sharply in a more south-westerly direction. Eighteen people were wounded. Although the bands left without incident crowds of angry residents gathered in Ballymurphy and a unit of the Scots Guards was deployed in preparation for trouble later that night.

The area was built in the late s to house excess people from the overcrowded districts of the lower Falls. When the bands returned sectarian clashes broke out and soon developed into a full-scale riot as the soldiers struggled to maintain order. He was posthumously awarded the George Cross. The Bypass however is largely unfinished after it was discovered that much of the area around the foothills was impassable and so congestion remains an issue.

Springhill and GlenalinaThe area around what became New

The area around what became New Barnsley was known as Brown's Fields and was formerly used for grazing cattle. Springhill and Glenalina form part of this area.

These form part of the Edenderry and Clonard districts that are also part of the Falls Road. The Whiterock area is older than Ballymurphy, dating back to the s. New Barnsley took its name from a clachan near Springfield Park which was burned down during the Troubles.