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There's also Kyle, a city attorney whom even Jerry picks on. Kyle Andy's frequent shoeshine customer is even lower on the food chain. Ben at first just saw Pawnee as simply another town that needed fixing, but eventually fell in love with it. Saperstein off-handedly mentions that he's invested in a dry-cleaning chemical suppy company that's doing very well. At a restaurant, Ron goes through three porterhouse steaks, then suggests going somewhere for an after-dinner omelette.

Leslie obsesses over getting one man's vote because he had said in a focus group that he didn't like her. And when local basketball legend Pistol Pete actually shows up and is willing to do his slam-dunk, he obviously slips when he tries to jump and breaks his arm. The guy who asks Leslie and the gang to fix a swing at the park in the series finale also played the drunk that Leslie chased out of a slide in the park in the first episode.

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Then near the end of the episode, Ben elbows Andy in the face, releasing the fake blood. The Cones of Dunshire, though it's clearly meant to be incredibly difficult to understand in-universe as well. Well, it's nice to meet you too.

After Leslie tries to befriend him, he insults her and Ben does not hesitate to punch him. Not one of them has gone past a single punch. And he has three crutches.