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Here we are, the authors, taking a well deserved break for dessert! The hardest part was finding out how to write in cursive in Russian. Your left hand will seem tire easily when you are first learning.

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My students were two very good tatting friends, Yukiko Higashi and her friend Yuko. Mayumi-san is not a tatter, but she learned a lot about tatting cluny leaves that day! Make a loom on your left hand. Therefore leaves function in a pattern just like a chain or a split ring.

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Here is the hymn in Russian. This is because you may be tense while concentrating to make the loom and the weaving motions. We got a lot of help with translations from my friend and co-worker, Mayumi Seki. Even to this day three or so weeks later. Experience also shows me that students find this process easier to do once they have seen it in action.

Grasp the leaf in your pinch. Pull carefully on the bottom loop to pull the top loop smaller and smaller until it is pulled completely into the top of the leaf.

Generally, leaf sizes are described by the number of passes over-and-back in patterns C. Still holding the leaf in your pinch, pull on the ball thread to close the bottom loop. Weave the leaf on the loom, shaping the leaf as you weave, first wider, hispanic interracial dating then narrowing at the top.

Flex your left hand to rest it. Leaves should start at a point. This made all the leaves flexible. You have completed one pass.

Tatting Cluny Leaves by Hand

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This will keep the thread taut and make weaving easier. Topmost loop has been pulled completely in. This is his favorite Hymn. Then make the loom again before starting the weaving. This prevents the loop from twisting twisted loops are more difficult to pull in.