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There are no compromises in our product. The brisk medium-fast dry fly action is capable of pinpoint deliveries close-in.

He continued honing his skills and eventually found work with the R. Thoreau also recounted an incident where Leonard single handedly saved the lives of two passengers who were trapped in their stagecoach which had sunk in the frozen Piscataquis River.

Duracanes have developed quite a following and deservedly so. The rod tube also comes with its own tube sock for added protection. If the rod does not meet our exacting standards at any time during construction it is scrapped.

This Pennington Pine River is a nice choice for small to medium-sized streams. With his new beveler, Leonard was able to hold tolerances to thousands of an inch.

Comes with a custom fit cloth bag and aluminum tube with a water-tight anodized brass cap. The brisk medium to medium-fast action allows for long casts and delicate presentations.

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Houghton Mifflin and Company. Doug is a semi-retired contractor from the coastal foothills of SoCal.

Thus, it is probably after Hiram hired an assistant in and increased production that he stamped his rods as being of his manufacture. Hiram, who was granted only these two ferrule patents, stamped the issuance date of each of them at the top of the first female ferrule on every rod, a practice that the H. This hollow built quad features wonder shade of medium-flamed cane acquired from Royer in and was planed to exacting tolerances. For the years covered it is regrettable that more information is not available to present here. At this change of ownership the maker's stamp was also altered, although only as to wording.