Dating madame alexander

Dating madame alexander

Fair market value is the price that both the buyer and seller agree upon. All of the above information on dating Cissette dolls comes from Linda Crowsey's Madame Alexander price guide. Antique Doll Repair In addition to the factors listed above, the principles of supply and demand and the current doll market also have an effect on the values of Madame Alexander dolls.

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Estate value, or tax value, is determined by taking an average of the actual closing auction prices of the same doll, in the same condition. In the case of newly released Madame Alexander dolls, it is the selling price in a department store, toy store or other type of retail outlet. The most sought-after Cissette dolls are the and dolls. In this post, I want to explain the rest of the ways to date a vintage Cissette doll.

Madame Alexander still uses the mold in her modern dolls, but the plastic is pretty different than what was used in the s and s. Finally, a Cissette doll's eyelids can also date a doll.

For an example, see the pictures of my Margot. Auction value is the actual selling price of a doll when it sells at an auction. Without the original clothing a doll's value is greatly diminished. Retail value refers to the selling price of a secondary market doll in an antique or collectible shop. Madame Alexander Price and Identification Guides The prices given in Madame Alexander price and identification guides are the current retail values of the dolls at the time the book was published.

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Madame Alexander collectors generally want dolls wearing their original clothing. Portrettes, which aren't as desireable, also had blue eyeshadow.

It is also known as a dealer's price. The plastic is lighter and cheaper, and the face paint tends to be more gaudy.

For newly released Madame Alexander dolls, the wholesale price varies depending on the volume of the retailer's purchase. Wholesale value is generally thirty-three to fifty percent less than the retail value of a secondary market doll. This is also known as the open market value, or open market price. Both parties must be made aware of any information that is relevant to the sale of the doll. Insurance value is the cost of replacing the doll if it was stolen or destroyed.