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In December he called to wish me happy holidays. His struggles with how it still impacts his life. Murse knew, like me, that he needed to shut down. He invited me to hike the next day, planning an incredible afternoon of exploring the desert.

Expectations Murse could not live up to. Several years ago, while still spinning in the vortex of Lost Girl hell, I reconnected with Murse through a mutual friend. It seemed I was dating Murse. Since then, like the tide, the relationship has ebbed and flowed.

Murse enjoyed my company, it was clear. Struggling with our fears of losing independence while in a relationship. Perhaps it is his fear of having to take care of someone like his father, his exwife. In fact, I had spent more time with him then anyone I had dated in Los Angeles.

During these dates Murse frequently discussed his fear of commitment. Now, before your hearts get all atwitter at this possible Classmates.

In December he called to wish