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If interested, email WeddingTransformationCasting gmail. If so, then this is the show for you. They make the courageous decision to save their lives and change their world forever. Is someone you know in need of Dr.

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The next season of the show is looking for singles who absolutely love to travel. Watch previous live moments from This Is Life Live here. Brides will be attending each other's weddings, voting on who threw the best event, and competing to win a fabulous honeymoon. Film Calling all Bachelors in Saint Louis between the age of for a fun film involving dating theme games and competitive fun to win the heart of a single woman.

And this time, it's personal. Tell us why, showing your personality and your past projects, at tlcstrainingspaces. Many are home-bound, relying on family care just to live day to day. Send us your name, contact information, your wedding date and a still photo of you and your spouse and why you need this makeover to bridecasting gmail.

If approved they receive gastric bypass surgery. Any age, ethnicity, and gender may apply. This series follows the day-to-day efforts of couples planning to enter the U.

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Each episode tells the powerful story of one super obese individual. If your teenage son or daughter just made you a grandparent-to-be, we want to hear your story.