Pomerelia was united with Poland

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Jaki sens mialaby wiara, kiedy wszystko byloby wspaniale. Kashubians who were suspected to support the Polish cause, particularly those with higher education, were arrested and executed. The owner of the village which became Gdynia, Peter from Rusocin, gave the village to the Cistercian Order.

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Gdynia became known in German as Gdingen, and was expropriated from the Cistercian Order. The State railways extended their lines, built bridges and also constructed a group of houses for their employees. Jest primo, secundo, tertio etc.

Gdynia became property of the Cistercian abbey in Oliva, now Oliwa. Public institutions and private employers helped their staffs to build houses. Jesli kochamy bliznich to kochamy Boga. The harbour was transformed into a German naval base. Pomerelia again became an independent Duchy.

Treaty of Versailles and the start of the dismemberment of eastern Germany. By a metre pier, metres feet of a wooden tide breaker, and a small harbour had been constructed. The first Kashubian mayor of Gdingen was Jan Radtke. Najbardziej inspiruja mnie Madrosci Sarycha no i ewangelie bo tam mowi Jezuz- zreszta jak i w calym Pismie Swietym. Przykazania Proste sa na tyle na ile prosta jest nauka.

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