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Dating someone way smarter than you look

We aren't smarter than we look

If you know how to handle these types, go ahead and enjoy your daily dose of existential love quarrels. We aren't smarter than we look. Mind you, this was in a business magazine. Nunzio is Guido's bookend-matching cousin.

But she packed a small personal arsenal into Der Kestle, killed at least one person in cold blood as a warning, and showed herself to be a cunning, ruthless, and strong fighter. In fact, she has the highest base intelligence stat out of the main trio. Because I wear makeup, because I'm a girl, because I look the way I do and don't feel the need to hide it. Nibbler, being an example of Obfuscating Stupidity. More and more people are gauging their partners based on their conversation skills, interest depth and intellectual achievements.

Or our best tests suggest. Rachel from Animorphs may count.

Whiskers looks like a totally goofy otter with More Teeth than the Osmond Family but when he opens his mouth, he's usually quite intelligent. He's very good at planning ahead and assessing the situation just like any other respectable villain, he just almost never does because he gets bored easily with that kind of plotting.

Some girls took photos of me when I wasn't looking and posted them to their LiveJournals. This is basically the most well known complaint of people who are dating smarter people. Simply because he's a baby, he's assumed to be unintelligent, until you find out about his plans for world domination, mastery of multiverse theory and so forth. However in the post-revival seasons, she finished college, obtained a doctorate, and starts being portrayed more as a Ditzy Genius instead of just The Ditz.

Smart or not, your partner is someone that you have to live or spend time with on a day-to-day basis. Turns out, she's nearly as smart as Malcolm himself, but to her, being popular is more important than being smart. Gabriel doesn't want a handler, so he's basically harassing Riley Neal through her digital footprint to get her to go away.

This is nothing we're not used to. He can discuss learnedly on many of the subjects that come up through the books, and tell what damage his sister is doing in a bar fight just by the resultant sounds. There's a reason the Doctor beams at Rory like he's just got a new crush at the end of their first conversation. They have all the vernacular and visible qualities of gangster-wannabes, but are all complete geniuses. They can think of solutions to get you out of a locked room or solve a math problem that could prevent you from getting crushed in an earthquake.

If you know how to handle

He is not stupid, and he doesn't appreciate Maurice assuming that he is. When he tells Udinaas he should've been a king and not a slave based on his intelligence and vision, Udinaas just curses him for his trouble.

But I was unpleasantly greeted by a strange form of same-sex sexism when I began my undergraduate career at prestigious, competitive and outright pretentious liberal arts college. The Ditz and Blood Knight aspects of her personality are even split at one point. His grandfather kind of names the trope. Okay, I can see you're not as dumb as you look. While she's introduced as an engineering student, this is rarely mentioned in early seasons.

When dating a smart person, some people are determined to prove that they can be just as smart while forgetting who they are in the process. In Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Barney is a brilliant singer. He has a degree in business, even if he had to take Economics three times. Gleep considers him slightly more intelligent then most of Skeeve's friends. And you look very dumb for thinking like that.