French fries are his favorite meal

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Although this story is not too weird, she did go through and cook them his favorite meal in his own apartment. Hesitant at first, Tinder Guy ends up going and has the time of his life. To make matters worse, the woman wanted a romantic getaway, while Stephenson was looking to go clubbing and enjoy a vacation. As this Tinder matched had progressed, about midway through their first date, another guy had showed up and approached their table.

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Unfortunately, for Stephenson, they landed in the country just as the coup was getting started. But it seems like an increasing amount of users these days aren't finding love so much as experiencing horrifying encounters with uncouth strangers. So, check out these fifteen stories on the worst Tinder Horror Stories.

Okay, so it is weird because talk about a game killer. Like a smart guy, he races over to her place.

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Everything seemed to go well. He is greeted by fifteen cats that she owns as soon as he walks in. Instead, she had insisted for him to see her once more. Tinder Guy has a box of frozen French fries displayed in the middle of the table for two.