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With our origins dating back to an original Act of Parliament in we have earned our place as an integral part of the functioning of the historic City of London. The company owes its name to a Sardinian mountain at which remains of an ancient village were found. This arrangement is possible because of the roaming agreements between the networks. The main purpose of the Company is to bring together like-minded people who wish to maintain and secure the long-term interests of those who earn a living within the Hackney Carriage trade. Our members are all professionals who earn their living through the Hackney Carriage trade and include some of London's black cab drivers, renowned for their famous Knowledge of London.

This also allows users to use their free or inclusive bundles and allowances while abroad. This means that the marginal cost of a roaming call is much the same as a call on the home network.

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The Company also endeavours to promote public awareness of the extremely high standards of the Hackney Carriage trade and industry. In the City of London these companies are known as the Livery and all are unique in their survival, number and diversity. The recommended clients for smartphones will use the phone's data connection which may be liable to charges, instead of the dedicated access number used by the client, which was free to call. Full colour print versions are available.

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Trade and craft associations have been established all over Europe for many centuries. Lifetime Achievement Award This award is giving each year to the individual who the Company feels has made a valued contribution over many years. Existing plans are unaffected.