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It is nice of him to have offered to help on the medical issue. My friend will talk to the doctor about the diagnostics, and unlike me he understands all the medical details. They have said that you as is lonely as well as I. On this I have decided to write to you the letter. Unfortunately I asked euros my friends, but anybody from my friends has no such sum.

Thank you very much for

After he understands the full details, he will then contact one of his students, who are now surgeons in Russia, and possibly have him visit you, your mother, and the hospital in Perm. He however wants to help me, out of respect for me. In this letter I shall not write to you much. They have said to me that you as are interested in search of second half. If you have become interested in me and want to try to find out me that I shall send you a photo and I shall write much about myself.

Yours email address

Yours e-mail address has given to me dating agency of our city Omsk. Thank you very much for the letter. To me it will be very difficult to find the sum, but I shall try. He is highly respected by many surgeons in Russia, who were his students. Now I should come back to my mother I Wait for your following letter.

If I to you really to like that write to me the letter and send me your photos. If we to not have time to perform this operation my mum any more will not be in alive. Today doctors informed me awful news. After that he can pay the hospital in Roubles directly. He is an extremely close friend of mine from my college days.