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This tattoo was inked with another symbolic piece and both the tattoos together mirror the profound turmoil he feels about going to L. With that kind of money, David Beckham lives a life of luxury. Beckham was earlier in a relationship with girlfriend model Krista Kemp. He laughed and smiled and asked her silly questions about working out and what she was doing after class.

David Beckham denied the allegations at the time, but it sure did cause a rift in his marriage to Victoria Beckham. This tattoo was inked on his left hand in and is a symbol of family love and loyalty. Apparently, the year was a memorable one for Beckham as he tied the knot with his wife, Victoria.

But while Beckham had proved to be a lucky charm for Manchester United, his performance in the national squad was lackluster if not disappointing. This helped them clinch the league title from Barcelona.

By that time, the footballer had also established himself as Manchester's first choice and helped the team retain the Premier League Championship title. David was completely charming her. Well, the star is addicted to tattoos. Beckham proved lucky for Real Madrid as well. Chinese proverb David has a Chinese proverb inked just below his left armpit all the way down to his left hip.

Sadly, before the final victory, Beckham limped off the ground with an injury. We love and miss u davidbeckham. Man of sorrows He got a side tattoo featuring a black and white representation of Jesus on his way for being crucified.

Advertisement Advertisement The pair marked the big day last year with cute tributes to one another on Instagram. The tattoo has two or three conceivable implications. He debuted from his national side in a World Cup-qualifier match. Later he added the large wings to his back tattoo and completed the look of a guardian angel. Along with fame and success also came controversies.

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But even after his retirement from the national team, David retained his marketing prowess. The original tattoo featured a bald figure with arms outstretched just like Jesus on the cross. Beckham wanted the tattoo to represent the idea of a free spirit. Beckham has also invested a lot in the property. He got a large block of writing inked on his right rib cage that appears to be either a quote or a passage from the Bible.

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This impressive tattoo has an equally impressive meaning. He got the tattoo to honor his grandfather Joe West when he passed away. Surely, that might be the reason why David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are rarely seen in public together these days. After moving to Galaxy, Beckham became one of the most coveted marketing assets for the club. Lady in a forest David Beckham has a tattoo of a lady in a forest over the right-hand side of his chest.