If that is you, go home, seriously

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People say to wear black to improve your chances of getting in. They reduce everyone wearing them down to the lowest common denominator. Just go and get your black coat from the cloakroom and go home. Also, when I played panoramabar in December I wore a big pink jacket.

Going out clubbing was always

De todos modos, no dejes que esta mierda de leyenda dicte tu forma de vestir. Instant Messaging, Voice and Video Calls.

Going out clubbing was always and should continue to be a liberating experience. No demasiada, pero existe. So get up five minutes earlier and have a look through a vibrant wardrobe.

Yes, the door policies are strict. Black is also the colour of mourning and is super important to certain cultural movements. When I started frequenting clubs, it was always about talking to and meeting people from all walks of life.

Simplemente recoge tu chaqueta negra del guardarropa y vete a casa. The notion that everyone would turn up looking exactly the fucking same would have been laughed at. For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here. And if you are one of the people throwing shapes, then why do you care about people seeing sweat on your clothes when your hair is soaked through, and your face is dripping. But for me it holds no real relevance to house and techno where it has no deeper meaning.

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